Ethos & Aims


I do not fear stormy seas for I have learned to sail my boat. 



To enable children to become adults who have a positive school experience and healthy relationships. We encourage the children to have good self esteem and a sense of self . We help them become independent thinkers and problem solvers so they are prepared emotionally, socially, behaviourally, academically, and vocationally to live successful lives .



Our aim is to meet each student's unique developmental, behavioural, and emotional needs as well as help develop his or her cognitive abilities through a therapeutic and educational firm foundation of skills.



The effective collaboration of a therapeutic and educational team supporting the child and family.  

Cavendis Educatin - The Moat School

"Having (our son) in your care.. gives us much needed peace of mind throughout the day… The positive impact it has had on our whole family, I am struggling for the right word here, is simply ‘amazing’."